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"linked data"
watch Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web on TED

"linked data"
watch the executive briefing of 3 round stones

"semantic data publishing"
lessons learned from RDF publishing on W3C

"the pathetic fallacy of RDF"
from Karger and Schraefel on

"service web 3.0"
a nice video on the future internet from STI

"the personal data locker"
david siegel about the pull economy on semantic universe


"coordination languages"
David's significant paper from the 90s on ACM

"self organization" in distributed tuple-space systems on IEEE

"the second coming" David's manifesto on

"grid gets transactional" the latest evolution into "Grid2.0" on Infoworld

"design for people" interview with Ken Arnold about design patterns on

"leaky abstractions" all non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky on Joel on Software

"the end of tier-based computing" Nati's core paper on Gigaspaces

"emotion machine" marvin minsky's legacy on MITworld

"creative commons" James Boyle about semantics and life science on Google TechTalks


"organizational changes" listen to a speech of Thomas Malone on ITconversations

"deep trends " Tim OReilly about web 2.0 as the platform for collective intelligence on WebExpo

"no need to ask permission" listen to Joi Ito about his work and mission on WE-Magazine

"frank roebers about enterprise 2.0" interviewed by Ulrike Reinhard on UlrikeReinhardTV

"reach out to the emotion" guy kawasaki on ITconversations


"tangled hierarchies"listen to an interview of Amit Goswami on SYNCD.ORG

"The idea of reality is at stake" Anton Zeilinger on IOP.ORG

"Information as the most fundamental principle" Vlatko Vedral on The Guardian

"Quantum control in animals" read about biochemical processes on Cornell University


"multi-dimensional art" Norbert Brunner

"binary universe" in Buddhist Tradition Sanjusangen-do